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The thirty bees logo.

The thirty bees logo.

thirty bees is awesome, isn't it? Based on the quite good PrestaShop 1.6, and finally developers taking care about all the details. Getting the details right brings reliability and reliability is what counts for merchants.

Still it's a fairly steep learning curve to get into development, so let's talk about this. How to write a module, how to write back office pages, how to deal with settings. Such stuff.

If you, dear thirty bees developer, find mistakes or missing snippets here, please don't hesitate to (create an account and) fix that yourself. No restrictions to account creation, you can even add your own pages. You're welcome!


Existing Documentation

PrestaShop 1.6 Developer Guide. Mostly PS 1.5 documentation, lacking quite a few snippets, but still the best to get started with thirty bees coding.

Other Topics

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